• M.Sc.(IC) Newsletter, 2019
  • Placement
  • Presentation on Revised NAAC guidelines
  • MoU signed with Vidhyanagar Nature Club (VNC), Vallabh Vidhyanagar by M.Sc. (EST Department) on 16th Sept., 2017
  • Industrial Hygiene & Safety Dept.
    Academic Liasioning & Recruitment meeting with Mr. Tan Yew Sieah, Director PGS GEHS Asia Lead, Pfizer Asia Mfg. Pte Ltd, Singapore And Mr. R Shankar, VP & RH - EHS, Hospira Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. (Pfizer Company), Chennai - INDIA
  • International Research collaboration between EST Dept., ISTAR and AIST, JAPAN
  • MoU signed with Indian Small Scale Paint Association (ISSPA,Gujarat Region), Ahmedabad on 15th October, 2015
  • Finalization of Industrial Policy and Schedule of Rates (SOR) for Industrial Painting Activity