M.Sc.(IC) Newsletter, 2018

M.Sc.(PST) Placement 2017-18

M.Sc.(IC) Placement 2017-18

M.Sc.(OC) Placement 2017-18

M.Sc.(SCT) Placement 2017-18

M.Sc.(EST) Placement 2017-18

Presentation on Revised NAAC guidelines

MoU signed with Vidhyanagar Nature Club (VNC), Vallabh Vidhyanagar by M.Sc. (EST Department) on 16th Sept., 2017

Industrial Hygiene & Safety Dept.
Academic Liasioning & Recruitment meeting with Mr. Tan Yew Sieah, Director PGS GEHS Asia Lead, Pfizer Asia Mfg. Pte Ltd, Singapore And Mr. R Shankar, VP & RH - EHS, Hospira Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. (Pfizer Company), Chennai - INDIA

International Research collaboration between EST Dept., ISTAR and AIST, JAPAN

MoU signed with Indian Small Scale Paint Association (ISSPA,Gujarat Region), Ahmedabad on 15th October, 2015

Finalization of Industrial Policy and Schedule of Rates (SOR) for Industrial Painting Activity