our Vision, Mission & Objectives


To add significantly to our enduring civilizational tradition of pioneering excellence in learning, knowledge, enlightenment and self-realization, in a Universally relevant context.


We dedicate ourselves to the perpetuation of our Founders' Vision of providing the infrastructure, facilities, operating conditions and overall environment conducive to the Education of young scholars, along with the desired physical, mental and character building inputs; we firmly renew our commitment to providing value added, globally relevant Education with an emphasis on the Techno Management domain, to ensure that our scholars fruitfully exercise their knowledge, skills and values in the global economy.


  1. To create and nourish a stimulating learning environment that ensures a globally relevant Education based on Eternal human valuers;
  2. To forge and reward excellence in the curricular as well as the noncurricular sectors so as to ensure the scholars' global competitiveness;
  3. To tap, nurture and unleash the innovative entrepreneurial abilities of scholars and thereby ensure lifelong socioeconomic, value addition;
  4. To evoke and embellish the finest traits of human excellence that go on to dovetail into a sustainable career growth curve;
  5. To affiliate, associate, liaise or otherwise synergize with any institution, body, entity, ethno cultural diaspora and the overall global fraternity in any form whatsoever, in support of the above;
  6. To initiate, consolidate and extrapolate any objectives, functions and activities in support of the above.