Department of Instrumentation & Control

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About Department

  • Instrumentation in the modern era stands at the forefront for rapid expansion and up-gradation of Industrial sector. Growth in this field is so phenomenal that it is has changed the structure of Industries. It plays important role in automation and improvement in productivity at reasonable investment.
    The term Instrumentation relates to the art and science of measurement and control. It includes measurement, control, operation, system design, manufacture and automation. It can be implemented in different forms in industries as per requirement.
    In general, Instrumentation & Control is interdisciplinary subject; it has roots in physics and mechanism in electrical and electronics. It has control through computers and the functional utility in different industrial and domestic spheres. The multidisciplinary aspect has led this discipline to translate the logical ideas into reality with reliable gadgets for effective utilization.
    The precision and sophistication thus provided by Instrumentation & Control has made it very important subject to study. ISTAR thus conducts Two Years (Four Semesters) post graduate course of M. Sc. Instrumentation & Control which bridges the gap between Science and Engineering concepts and to meet the requirements of high skill manpower for Instrumentation based Process and Control industries in our country as whole and industrial sectors of Gujarat in particular.

  •   Course provides know-how about various instruments, process control systems and automation with technical skills.

  •  Well balanced structure between Science & Engineering.

  •   Course consists of theory, practicals and project work in each semester.

  •   For industrial exposure in-plant training during vacation period at different instrumentation related industries.

  •   Compulsory presentation of seminars by each student in all theory papers.

  •   Project / Industrial Training report evaluation through presentations & Viva-voce.

  •   Encouragement & guidance provided to participate in Seminars, workshops at State/ National level for poster/oral presentations.

  •   Experienced, skilled technical Professionals from Industries are invited for Expert Talks on advance Instrumentation.

  •   Results of University examinations are almost 100%.

  •   Prospective course for job in Instrumentation industries.