Department of Intelligent Internet of Things and Instrumentation
(IIoT & Instrumentation)
Formerly Instrumentation & Control

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About Department

  • The future of IoT, augmented by AI-ML technologies, has the potential to be limitless. Advances in the industrial internet will be accelerated through increased network agility, integrated instrumentation, and the capacity to deploy, automate and secure diverse uses. IoT companies, leveraging AI-ML capabilities, are helping the way for a future with minimized waste, energy efficiency, and greater personal autonomy. However, to be sustainable, a connected device system must be feedback-rich and responsive [Instrumentation], and must be connected through data as an outcome. Industries are rapidly moving towards automation with wireless systems, extending the use cycle with predictive maintenance. Increasing utilization of remote resources and reducing unplanned downtime with the integration of AI-ML into IoT systems making an Intelligent IoT.

    In general, M.Sc. (Intelligent Internet of Things and Instrumentation) or M. Sc. (IIoT & Instrumentation) is interdisciplinary subject; it has roots in physical sciences and mechanism associated with electronics- instrumentation. It has intelligence through AI – ML and control through computer networks. These all have functional utility in different industrial and trending domestic spheres. The multidisciplinary aspect led this field to translate the logical ideas into reality with reliable devices for effective and sensible utility. Looping the asset to reuse, remanufacture, or recycle is only possible with the integration of Intelligent IoT with Instrumentation.

    ISTAR thus move a step forward to fulfil the rising demand in this sphere and Industrial needs and initiated unique program of Two Years (Four Semesters) of M. Sc. (Intelligent Internet of Things and Instrumentation) which blends Intelligent Software with Hardware Systems as is need. This enhances the soft and hard skills of the students to enable them directly for Industrial needs.

  •   Course provides technical know-how about various sensing systems and its data acquisition and networking

  •  Step towards Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0.

  •   Automation with IIoT and enhancement of technical skills

  •   Industry Specific - Blend of Intelligent Software /Hardware Systems

  •   Combination of theory, practical and project work in each semester.

  •   Industrial exposure with in-plant training at industries

  •   Seminar presentation – confidence building preparations

  •   Experienced and Skilled technical Professionals from Industries for Expert Talks, Personality Development Programs

  •   Prospective course for job placements