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Alumni Speak

Dr. Tirth M.Panchal ( Laboratory in-charge, Analube lab. ) @ Pramukh Swami Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy PDPIAS Campus, CHARUSAT University, Changa
Alumni Experience:
Industrial Chemistry department at Institute of Science and Technology for Advanced Studies and Research (ISTAR) have been shaping the career of students very enthusiastically. I am the alumni of I.C. department, year 2010-2012. After completion of master degree, I continued for Ph.D. in this department. Faculties at the department are experienced and rich in knowledge along with the gesture, to put all their efforts, for continuous betterment of the students and alumni’s. The Industrial Chemistry department has developed its recognition in various sectors of industries like chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, agrochemical, dyes and pigments etc. The repute of department in industries is reflected by its 100% placement every year. During the span of two years of M.Sc., apart from gaining subject knowledge, students learn various skills like event management, presentation skills, soft skills, discipline, team work, which are equally important to sustain in corporate culture. In a nutshell, Industrial Chemistry department has been the stepping stone in grooming the career of students and their all-round.

Dr. Ashvin Panchal ( Director, Saarathi Academy ) @ Academic Coordinator, Jambukhand group of Institutions, Banswara- Rajsthan
Alumni Experience:
The IC Department is fantastic journey that not only gives you the academic skills required but prepares you for the real world. Its more than just a way to get a fancy degree, it is about developing a whole new outlook at life. Life at IC Department is the time when the teenage years end and we all dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings and possibilities. This golden period better equips you for all the challenges you’ll face in life and creates a strong foundation of knowledge.
Industrial Chemistry Department was one of my best decisions in life. It’s not a place for a people who enjoy college life as imagined; it is a place for people who have dream to achieve something big, something that is not accessible to everyone. Joining IC department brought me a step closure to achieve my dreams. I would recommend anyone or everyone who has dream to reach unknown heights and most importantly have the courage to dream BIG……….

Rejoy Kuriyan @ Atul USA Inc Charlotte
Alumni Experience:
College life is a very important phase of life. I have had a great college life, full of memories to cherish for a lifetime. It’s been 15 years and still feels like yesterday. It also gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people, make friends and learn from the interactions.
I am thankful to all the faculty members, mentors and the non-teaching staff department of IC Department for providing us with quality education.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Merlin Mam, Jigar Sir & Tejas Sir for all the effort that they took to groom us. I also appreciate the efforts being put in by the current team of faculty members to create and sustain the alumni network.
The focus of the department on getting the students readied in line with the broader requirement of the industry is commendable. The content of Industrial Chemistry course is very extensive and covers a wide range of areas like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, paints, polymers, etc, which helps students to find opportunity in a variety of sectors within the chemical industry.
The years spent at IC department have been full of learning opportunities. I will always be grateful to the department for providing me a platform for learning and preparing me for the rigor of corporate life.

Jayen Barochia( Technology Management ) @ SABIC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Alumni Experience:
Greetings to all ISTAR M.Sc. I.C. alumni,
I like to share some of the memories of M.Sc at ISTAR. My relationship with ISTAR I.C. department was started in 2004. I spent some of the golden days of my life at ISTAR. Some of the major turning points of my life took place at I.C. department. Starting a flourishing career with the gold medal and getting married to a classmate are few of them. Making projects for the science fair, project work for the dissertation, industrial visits, interaction with industry experts, visit IndiaChem exhibition etc. were memorable including the most memorable trip to Mahabaleshwar. I have also mentored students for the project work and guidance until their successful placement.
After getting placement in a pharma company from campus interview, I have changed my field to ‘Petrochemical Catalysis and Technology Development’, a very specialized and truly global field, but relatively unexplored for I.C. students, where I have to compete with doctorates and post docs from very reputed international universities. But with the help of diversified knowledge and attitude gained during M.Sc., today I am proud to see myself on key position of Technology Management at global level in one of the biggest chemical company in the world.
At present, many institutes are offering M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry course, but I.C. department at ISTAR stands apart for many reasons. Few of them are, pioneer in M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry in India, practical approach in subjects, up-to-date syllabus as per industry demands, personalized treatment from faculties and focus on inclusive development of student to produce future industry leaders and entrepreneurs.
Getting job offer before having final exams is a dream of every student. With the help of personalized efforts of faculties, I.C. department helps students to make their dream come true by offering 100% placement year after year since inception of the institute. Our proud MISA alumni are brand ambassadors of the I.C. department in industries. They are not only enlightening image of the I.C. department and ISTAR. But their caliber and achievements in industry also play a major role in the placements.
I am very thankful to Merlin Mam, Jigar sir and Dipesh sir for nurturing my career and also Mineshbhai, Rajubhai Darbar and Parulben for their support. Finally, I wish all the best to all the current and future alumni to achieve height of success.

SANKET PATEL ( Lab Manager ) @ Cliantha Research Ltd, Ahmedabad
Alumni Experience:
Hello Sir,
Thank you so much for providing me opportunity to write about my experience at IC department ISTAR.
Choosing Industrial Chemistry at ISTAR was the best choice I ever made..!!
One thing that makes this department different from others is its culture - created by its faculties - they want their students to do well; they don't just want to do their students do well but they work really hard to make it happen. They do not just teach Chemistry and Technology but they infuse never losing attitude in their students.
Here, I would like to share one of my experiences. During my final year of M.Sc., I got selected in API production of Lupin Ltd. through campus interview. After one year working there I got an opportunity to work in Bio-analysis at Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd. This was totally different work then what we studied, I had to change my mind set at work from Tones to nanogram. Gradually I learnt and gained confidence and found my self doing better than people who were having relevant education. Still, in one corner of my mind, I had feeling that An Industrial Chemistry student can not be on the top of a Bio-analytical CRO until I knew about the person drawing highest salary in my organization. One day I was looking at his facebook page, surprisingly the first common friend was Ms. Merlin Thomas. After few days he met me in the office when I asked about his connection with ISTAR and I came to know he was my next batch pass out of IC-Industrial Chemistry.
This episode proved, an Industrial Chemistry student does not just possess knowledge of Chemistry but carries an attitude to be successful in any direction of life. This is because, faculties cultivate values in the students.
I have not witnessed such faculties anywhere, who are so much concerned about future of their Students.
Always feel lucky to have blessings of Faculties (Ms. Merlin Thomas, Mr. Dipesh Parikh and Dr. Jigar Patel) which changed my life.

Mr. Kuldip Sharma ( Manager ) @ Lupin Ltd, Vadodara
Alumni Experience:
Last year, I surveyed my location & I found 48 employee (i.e. 7 %) are Alumni of IC Dept., ISTAR & working in 7 different department (Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Validation, Technical Training, Regulatory Assurance & Analytical Development Lab)
I don’t think, any other department can contribute in so diversifiedfield, its come true due to visionary Dr.D.A.Raval Sir.
I got chance to be part of 1st batch of ISTAR, (M.Sc. IC 1999-2001), which was turning point for my life. It’s my privilege that I got chance to share my view about IC Department, ISTAR.
Industrial situation was not so favorable at that time (Year 2000-2001). Except than academic education, we were continuously taught about industrial condition & shop floor realities. Staff of IC dept. put great efforts to make us aware & prepared to face every situation. It was only due to efforts of Merlin Mam & Alumni that our nearly whole batch got job before final exam, even dates of exam also schedule to relieve us on time.
Surprisingly role of IC Department & its STAFF was not finished when we left VV Nagar, but bonding increased day by day. Hats off to the efforts of Merlin Mam & staff of IC Dept.
We got continuous update for our development & what we should do for making ourselves more productive. Similarly, we were asked for giving current requirement of industries, which can be incorporated in revised syllabus.
As we got great contribution of IC Department to build our career, it’s our moral responsibility & we are also trying our best to support IC Students & Department.
Thanks a lot IC Department for everything.
I wish All the Best to IC Department to keep their good work continue & will be happy to support my department at any time.