Department of Surface Coating Technology (M.Sc. SCT)

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    The Surface Coating Technology laboratory of ISTAR, CVM University is well equipped with modern world class equipment and devices for Liquid paints and coatings testing, Application Properties Testing, Film forming and Drying Properties Testing, Dried Film Appearance Testing, Resistance to Liquid Testing and Physical Testing of Coatings.
      Viscometers (Brookfield, Stormer, Bubble, Ford Cup) as per International Standard.
      Pull off Adhesion Tester and Cross Hatch Cut Tester as per International Standard
      Dry Film Thickness Tester (For Metal, Plastic, Glass, Concrete, Plastic Etc. Substrate) as per International Standard
      Shore Hardness A and D Tester as per International Standard
      Flexibility Testers (Cylindrical Mandrel, Conical Mandrel)
      Gloss-Meter 20o/45o/85oas per International Standard
      Salt Spray Tester as per International Standard
      Colour Matching Spectrophotometer (CIE Vale, ΔE Value, L*, A*, B* , C* Value)
      Flash Point (Open Cup and Closed Cup)
      PfundCryptometertesting of wet film hiding power
      Sag Tester
      Scratch Resistance Tester
      Impact Tester
      Bead Mill, Atrritor, Vibroshaker and High Speed Disperser a grinding mill for paint and coating formulation.
      Resin Plant of 5Ltr capacity for Synthesis of Resins for Water based, Solvent based and Solventless Paint and Coating Systems.