Department of Environmental Science & Technology (M.Sc. EST)

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  • Completed Research Projects

    Sr. No. Name of Investigators Title of Research Project Fund / Grant (Rs.) Funding Agency
    1 Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I. (PI-I)
    Dr. Nobuyoshi Yamashita,
    Senior Chief Scientific Officer,
    AIST, Tsukuba, Japan (PI-II)
    Global Level Occurrence and Distribution of Emerging Atmospheric Pollutants of Different Environments
    15,00,000/- AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
    2017 to 2019
    Given Two Technical Fellows - As a Allowences
    2 Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I. (PI)
    Dr. Hiren B. Soni (Co-I)
    Dr. Dhruti Patel (Co-I)
    An Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change on Ambient Air Quality, Vulnerability and Human Health of Urban Cities of Gujarat, India to Suggest Site-Specific Strategies for  Mitigation Measures
    5,00,000/- Climate Change Department (CCD), Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar
    2 years
    (July,2020 to June, 2022)
  • Completed Research Projects

    Freeship is given to Ms. Deepa Lalwani (Ph.D. Student) from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japan, for Three Years (2017-2019) including Air-fare, Accommodation, Food, Lab Facilities & Analytical Charges (Rs. 15,00,000/-), NS-20, Portable Air Sampling Kit, Cryogenic Air Sampler, Soil Borer, Core Sampler, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Unit (Rs. 5,00,000/-).


    Dr. Hiren B. Soni 252 791 12 19
  • Completed Research Projects

    Name of Principal Investigator Name of Research Project / Title Fund Generated Venue / Funding Agency Duration
    1 Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I.
    An assessment of biochemical compounds in relation with environmental constituents and phylogenetic relationships by barcoding of different seaweeds from Okha coast of Gujarat, India
    Rs. 12,30,000 UGC,
    New Delhi
    2 Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I.
    Dr. Hiren B. Soni
    Evaluation and assessment of GHGs emissions from different ecosystems of Gujarat, India.
    Rs. 2,30,000 GUJCOST, Gandhinagar 2013-16
    Ecological Status of Some Major Rivers of Gujarat
    Rs. 5,22,000 GEC,
    February, 2014
    4 Ms. Dhruti S. Patel
    Climate change evaluation by measuring GHGs from different microcosms of Gujarat
    Rs. 1,40,000 UGC,
  • Ph.D. Guideship

    Name of the Faculty Ph.D. Guideship Affiliation
    Prof. Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I. Environmental Science and Biotechnology CVM University, V.V. Nagar
    Botany, Environmental Science and Biotechnology S.P. University, V.V. Nagar
    Dr. Hiren B. Soni Environmental Science and Zoology CVM University, V. V. Nagar
    Environmental Science S. P. University, V. V.Nagar
    Dr. Dhruti S. Patel Environmental Science CVM University, V. V. Nagar
  • Ph.D. Guidance
    Name of the Faculty Ph.D. Guided Subject Number of Ph.D.s Pursuing Students
    Prof. Dr. Nirmal Kumar, J.I.
    19 Environmental Science 11 02
    Biotechnology 04
    Botany 04
    Dr. Hiren B. Soni
    02 Environmental Science and Zoology 02 03
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

    MoU with Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC), Estd. by Industries & Mines Department, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar

  • Awards & Honors (EST Faculties)

    Dr. Hiern B. Soni
    Name of the Award Agency Date
    1 Best Oral Presentation Award Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (HNGU - Patan) and Bird Conservation Society of Gujarat (BCSG) 16th February 2013
    2 Best Research Paper Award 2013 Progressive Sustainable Developers (PSD), Nepal 5 June, 2014
    3 Best Reviewer Award 2013 International Journal of Environment (IJE), Nepal 5 June, 2014


    Dr. Dhruti S. Patel
    Name of the Award Agency Date
    1 Best PhD Thesis Award in Environmental Science with
    Prof. Dr. Nirmal Kumar J.I.
    Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC), Gandhinagar 2019